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Portable VTRs
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PDW-700 - XDCAM HD Camera
This XDCAM HD camera uses has a 2/3 inch sensor therefore takes standard B4 mount HD lenses, it is switchable bewteen HD or SD and in HD mode the resolution in 1080 x 1920. The bit rate is up to 50Mb/s. The camera records to optical disc. As these are a comparable price to tape they can be used as long term storage.
Daily Rate
Main Recording Format
Available Standards
4/3/16:9 Switchable
Net Weight
6.0 kg
Power Consumption
46 watts
Image Device
2/3 inch (1920 x 1080)
F12 at 2000 Lux (50i)
Max. Tape Duration
120 (with BP-GL95) minutes
Supplied with
Standard lens, Mains & Battery kit
PDW-700 Manual (PDF)