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THELIGHT 6LIGHT - Adjustable LED light
THELIGHT 6LIGHT consists of an array of panels housing a total of 144 high power LEDs which have been specially selected so that their colorimetry is calibrated for professional photography, cinematography and television industry use.

THELIGHT luminaries main innovative features are:
Variable Colour Temperature,
Stable colour dimming,
Green/magenta bias control,
Very high light output,
Low power draw,
High CRI digitally calibrated light,
Lightweight lamp head,

The Lights incorporate the innovative THELIGHT technology based on high power LED triplets consisting of Warm White + White + Green + fresnel lens and controlled by a CPU based controller to obtain calibrated colour temperatures combined with a high colour rendering index CCT.

THELIGHT has been accurately calibrated to both the CCT and the chromatic coordinates to match them with traditional light sources.

The digital Control Unit allows a further and precise green/magenta correction along the whole scale of colour temperatures. The colour temperature is adjustable from 2800K to 8500K and the intensity is adjustable in ½ stop increments. Intensity adjustments do not affect the colour temperature.
THELIGHT is supplied with a lighting stand, collapsible diffuser, 2 barn doors, controller and user manual.

Daily Rate
Net Weight
3.5 kg
Power Consumption
140 watts
Supplied with
Lighting stand
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