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Portable VTRs
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HVR1500 - HVR-1500
TYhe HVR-1500 can record and play a wide range of formats including HDV, DVCAM, DV (SP) and DVCPRO (Playback only) and can be switched to either 50i ("PAL") or 60i ("NTSC"). The machine has inputs for composite, component, SDI, and IEEE1394. Additionally there is an HDSDI output. Control can be either via IEEE1394 or 9 pin RS422.
Daily Rate
Main Format
Other Formats
HDV, DVCAM, DV (SP), DVC PRO (Playback only)
Available Standards
Net Weight
6.9 kg
Flightcased Weight
13 kg
Net Size (mm)
211 x 130 x 420 (w x h x d)
Flightcased Size (mm)
490 x 620 x 230 (w x h x d)
Max. Tape Duration
276 minutes
Supplied with
Cables as required
HVR-1500 Manual (PDF)