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ABonAir AB307 - AB307 5GHz Wireless link
ABonAir AB307
The AB307 is a 5GHz wireless camera link using the A & B 5Hz frequency bands. It is suitable for use in ENG, Sport events, Reality shows or for director viewing.

The unit offers full SD/HD support – 1080p, 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL with a delay of about 200ms and has the advantage that it uses the license free 5GHz A & B bands.

The maximum distance between transmitter & receiver depends on conditions but in open space we have successfully tested it up to 600metres with the supplied standard antennas.

Daily Rate
Available Standards
In and Out Formats
Power Consumption
10 watts
Supplied with
4 x 9 dBi Antennas
2 x 6 dBi Antennas
2 x 15dBi 120 degree sector antenna which is effective at providing coverage at sports events.
Tripod for receive Antenna mounting