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Gigawave D-Cam - Wireless Camera Link
Gigawave D-Cam
The Gigawave D-cam wireless camera system is designed to work with Sony V-lock cameras such as the DSR570,450 and DVW970 range. It accepts both composite or component video and encodes using a range of MPEG encoding schemes so that the user can from a high quality but less robust scheme to a lower quality but more robust scheme. It is designed for all applications both indoor and outdoor and works particularly well in environments where there are many reflective surfaces. The system consists of a transmitter and two receiver boxes, the head unit and control unit. These are connected together by up to 600 metres of triax. Typically, you might have the receiver head mounted on a tripod near to the area in which your camera is operating and the control unit in your OB truck or near your PPU. The video output is SDI and composite, audio is AES and analogue. The system operates in 2.2-2.6Ghz band for a which a license is required from JFMG. Please note that a camera with a V-Lock back is required to mount the transmitter.
Daily Rate
Available Standards
In and Out Formats
SDI & Composite, AES & Analogue audio. Preset Frequencies: 2205, 2245, 2265, 2285, 2295, 2400, 2420, 2440, 2460, 2480, 2490 MHz
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Licensing information from JFMG
Gigawave Manual