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Portable VTRs
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GVG Indigo - Vision mixer with audio
GVG Indigo
This vision mixer has many useful feature including: HD and SD video inputs and outputs (SDI, S-Video, Composite and FireWire) Full Aux Bus (SDI or Composite) Analog and Digital audio inputs and outputs Mic and line inputs (for the built-in audio mixer) 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio Up to 1080p HD video and computer outputs Four key channels (at the same time!) Audio follow video with 1 frame delay to match audio and video (motorized faders) 1 or 2 Picture-in-Picture, borders, and mattes per bus 2D and 3D effects Touch screen menu and control Device control for decks, with special control addition for their iTurbo DDR (digital disk recorder) Automated playback through macros Up to 12 inputs
Daily Rate
Available Standards
In and Out Formats
Composite, Y/C, SDI, HDSDI, DVI
Net Weight
9.5 kg
Net Size (mm)
444 x 57 x 469 (w x h x d)
Power Consumption
220 watts
GVG Indigo Manual (PDF)