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LiveU LU-400 HD Uplink - 4G HD Uplink
LiveU LU-400 HD Uplink
The LU400 offers a wide range of features and capabilities for live news gathering, including: low latency for interview-mode; Store & Forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the remote server or from any web enabled device.

With proprietary internal antennas, the LU400 provides resilient live HD video transmission for 24/7 news and events coverage on-the move and in fixed locations, optimizing all available bandwidth to deliver broadcast quality video.
The LU400 offers up to 7 bonded connections, including four internal cellular modems, WiFi, a LAN connection and one external USB port.

The unit will accept the following resolutions:
PAL, NTSC and has SDI and HDMI inputs.

The transmitted signal is received by a LiveU server which may be at the users premises or can be supplied if required. Alternatively, the signal can be sent to a “Cloud Server” for onward transmission to a CDN such as Ustream or Youtube. The unit can be hired with or without data sims and the rates are:

With Data Sims
1 Day £400 (includes 16GB mobile data)
1 Week £1150 (includes 48GB mobile data)

Without Data Sims
1 Day £350
1 Week £1000

Daily Rate
Available Standards
Net Size (mm)
129 x 150 x 58 (w x h x d)
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