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Portable VTRs

Tricaster 40 V2 (No CS) - 4 Channel Vision Mixer
Tricaster 40 V2 (No CS)
TriCaster 40 is an all-in-one multi-camera production and streaming solution that instantly empowers everyone from smaller-budget broadcasters, organizations and experienced video pros to educators, performers and small worship facilities to produce professional-looking, multi-camera HD video – for broadcast, Web, projection or recording for on-demand playback.

With its desktop design, integrated production capabilities, and easy-to-use toolset, TriCaster 40 simplifies video production for anyone and adds even more real-time capabilities to allow both novices and experienced users make their show look like professionally produced broadcast television.


4 simultaneous live video sources, in any combination of
HD Component
SD Component
Y/C or Composite and supported resolutions (BNC connectivity)
• Each input includes integrated frame synchronizer
• Independent keying, cropping, Proc Amp and white balance controls per input

Network Sources:
2 simultaneous live sources via Gigabit connection, selectable from any networked computer or Apple® AirPlay® device

3 integrated digital media sources for video and graphics: DDR and GFX x 2 • LiveText character generator for custom titles and graphics

Video Outputs
A/V output signal through up to 5 output connections • 2 x Analog BNC configurable for Component or Y/C + Composite (PGM and SD-only AUX) • Network output for live streaming

(April 2017)
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