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Tricaster Advanced Edition 3 - Tricaster AE3
The latest upgrade for Tricaster is available now.. Known as Advanced Edition 3, this upgrade provides many new features and brings the interface into line with the Tricaster TC1.
The upgrade is available for the following models: 455,855,410,460,860,8000 and Mini. Note that in the case of the 855 and 860, following the upgrade you will only be able to record 4 channels rather than 8, although this may change in a future release.

The Tricaster to be upgraded is required to have fairly recent NVDIA graphics driver (418.81 is compatible) and in some cases may need a new graphics card.
Cards that are known to be incompatible are the GTX550Ti cards supplied with 855 and early 8000's and GT440's supplied with 455's. A Microsoft update is usually required.

We have already upgraded most models and If you require any help or advice updating or upgrading your Tricaster we will happy to help. If required, we can quote to do the upgrade for you.

Newtek have an offer until 22nd March 2019 and the prices until then are £829 for an upgrade of an standard edition Tricaster or £419 for an update of a Tricaster already on Advanced edition 2. After that date, prices are £829 and £1650

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