Newtek TriCaster 8000 and CS

Newtek TriCaster 8000 and CS

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A total media publishing solution for live productions of any scale.

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Compatible with:
  • Control Surface 8000
  • 2 X 24" LCD or LED monitors
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Newtek TriCaster 8000 and CS

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TCXD 8000

A complete live production and media publishing solution that is equipped to handle anything: big live shows, incredibly sophisticated Web programs, and branded content for cross-channel delivery and multi-screen experiences. All in a turnkey solution.

Produce the most scalable, complex, and visually appealing productions imaginable.

Broadcast, live stream, project, and record productions, and publish to popular social media platforms—all at once.

Builds on the great features of the TriCaster 850, 850 Extreme and 855 models.

New features include:

  • Macros which enable you to record operation sequences for repetitive operations
  • 4 Primary DSK channels and 4 layers of overlay per ME bus each with positioning, cropping and Warp effects.
  • Up to 8 freely configurable, interactive hotspots per input
  • 45 Effects channels
  • 26 Live virtual Sets
  • External router support
  • Social media publishing
  • 3D Video production support

TriCaster 8000 CS

This Control Surface provides a seamless, physical connection to the powerful capabilities of TriCaster 8000, with a whole new dimension of speed and control.

A total media publishing solution for live productions of any scale.



  • Video Input: 12 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources
  • Network Video Input: 12 x IP video inputs via NDI, resolution-independent, with support for key and fill
  • Local Video Input: 8 x local video inputs supporting any combination of compatible connections (SDI, Component, Y/C, and Composite), formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • PTZ: Support for Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras
  • Video Output: Configurable for up to 4 independent video mix outputs, with simultaneous local and IP delivery
  • Network Video Output: 4 x independent IP video mix outputs via NDI
  • Local Video Output: 4 x independently configurable local video outputs, with support for up to 10 simultaneous external connections
  • Stream Output: 1 x streaming video output, independently configurable, with simultaneous stream archive

Selected Features

  • Audio Mixing: Integrated multi-channel audio mixer with configurable DSPs, 4 x 4 x 4 audio input channel routing, and 4 independent output mixes
  • Mix/Effect Buses (M/E): 8 x M/E buses supporting video re-entry
    1 x PREVIZ configuration and preview bus
  • Virtual Sets: Integrated LiveSet technology with 30+ live virtual sets and box effects included
  • Data Link: Real-time, automated data input from internal and external sources, including webpages, spreadsheets, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Macros: Record, store, edit, and automate commands and user-configured operation sequences
  • Recording: 9 x configurable video recording channels
  • NIC: 1 x 1 Gigabit NIC


  • Weight: 20 kg (without battery)
  • Size: 4RU chassis